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Dear Prospective Newlyweds,

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming marriage! We are honored you asked a Riverbank Church pastor to perform the wedding ceremony.

Please understand that we perform weddings for couples where both the man and woman are Christians. Our roles are that of Christian ministers. We are unable to be a part of a wedding where either the husband or the wife will not be fully committed to Christ. The most important foundation of a marriage is the faith commitment of the couple. Both the husband and wife must demonstrate when they meet with one of our pastors that they profess Christ as their Lord and Savior; and they must share with us the specifics of their Christian testimony. If you are not certain about your faith, we would be happy to share with you what it means to be a Christian.

The Bible also teaches that intimate or sexual relations must be limited to the marriage relationship between a man and a woman. Any other sexual relationship is sinful. If you are currently sexually active, you must indicate your desire to repent of your sin. If you are living together, you must be willing to live apart from one another until you are married.

Finally, we must require any couple planning to marry to receive premarital mentoring or counseling. We have some choices we can recommend to you.

If you are willing to abide by the issues stated in this letter, please feel free to make an appointment with us, so we can determine next steps. Marriage is a God-given institution. It is something to be honored and celebrated. It is a commitment for life. We pray that your marriage will honor our Lord in all that you do and say.

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