2022 Annual Report

A year of INCREASE. The Rescue Mission moves forward. 

A Letter From Pastor Chris

2022 was a year of INCREASE at Riverbank Church. Whether it was in our weekend experience, group engagement, outreach, people serving, or financial giving; we saw an INCREASE in every area. Your heart for this church and the rescue mission led to many taking their first step with God by saying yes to Jesus! Many of those who said yes to Jesus went public with this decision through water baptism. Additionally, hundreds of people took next steps to serve, grow and give!!

Scripture declares the need for Jesus to INCREASE in John 3:30 and you lived this out. I want to thank you for your generosity and obedience over the past year.

As we step into 2023, I believe this will be a year of unprecedented boldness for each of us as we engage in the rescue mission, continuing to help people to take their next step with God. We will pray bold prayers and live bold lives that honor Jesus. We will give of our time, talent, and resources boldly and see results that bring God more glory!!

Thank you so much for your faithfulness and heart for the rescue mission.

Pastor ChrisProverbs 28:1
The wicked run away when no one is chasing them, but the godly are as bold as lions.”

Rescue Mission

179 rescued by Jesus in 2022

2,560 rescued since Riverbank launched in 2010


42 people went public with their faith through baptism in 2022

750 have been baptized since 2010

First Time Guests

657 people were our guests for the first time in 2022

84 people attended ROOTS in 2022

Care in 2022

Your time, talents, and treasure throughout this year allowed us to LOVE our community in practical and meaningful ways.

  • Over 80 requests for assistance
  • Over $18,000 spent in personal financial assistance
  • Rent/mortgage assistance
  • Utility and heat assistance
  • Medical & mental health assistance
  • Automobile repairs
  • Emergency transportation
  • Christmas gifts for families
  • Meals to welcome new babies and for families recovering from illness
  • Handicapped ramp built
  • Hospital visits
  • Grief resources

Riverbank Kids

30 decisions to follow Jesus

4,875 Check-Ins

Riverbank Students

14 decisions to follow Jesus

862 Check-Ins

2022 Engagement

205 people attended a Big Ten Study Group 

341 people in groups throughout 2022

30,266 hours served during weekend worship experiences.

LOVE Week 2022

One week. One goal. Many projects! Love our community and point them to Jesus!

  • 400+ servants
  • 47 people served at the Father’s Day cookout
  • Over 50 love boxes delivered to local businesses
  • 571 lbs of food donated to the Upper Valley Haven
  • 2 meals given to the Hixon House
  • Tons of families and hundreds of snow cones+ cotton candy at Splash Night
  • Rebuild a porch for a recovery home.
  • Amazing, powerful prayer walk
  • Fun community movie night
  • Repaired fence at a women’s residential home


  • IF: Riverbank (Thrive Women)
  • Fall Festival
  • Girls Night Out (GNO)
  • Warrior Conference
  • Warrior Fight Night
  • You & Me Date Night
  • Base Camp (rbStudents)
  • SERVE Team Party

Claremont Location

11 Rescued in 2022

8 Baptized in 2022

100 First Time Guests in 2022

5,334 Hours Served in 2022

White River Location

162 Rescued in 2022

34 Baptized in 2022

557 First Time Guests in 2022

18,896 Hours Served in 2022

Online Community

6 people were rescued through our online ministry

60,003 Total Online Views

+ 512 New Subscribers/Followers

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2022 Financials

Your generosity throughout the year allows us to take the rescue mission further into our local communities and around the world through our online community and global outreach. Find all the organizations our church community supports HERE.


Total Income $1,828,680.94

Christmas Offering $29,525.91


Facilities $326,085.65

Ministry $248,308.05

Operations $75,732.07

Personnel $720,602.13

"...but the godly are as bold as lions.”

As we step into 2023, I believe this will be a year of unprecedented boldness for each of us as we engage in the rescue mission, continuing to help people to take their next step with God. 

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