2020 Annual Report

Many things changed in twenty-twenty, the rescue mission did not.

A Letter From Pastor Chris

Although 2020 was a very unique year, Jesus’ rescue mission continued to move forward! Instead of backing down from the challenges we faced, Riverbank Church stepped up and saw God move in incredible ways. 

Because of God’s goodness and your faithfulness, this year at Riverbank Church we consistently saw people give their lives to Jesus, take next steps in their faith by going public in baptism, serve, and engage in the rescue mission in unique ways.

Thank you for your faithful giving and participation.

Remember, even though it seems like it’s falling apart, it’s actually falling into place. God has a plan, and we can trust it.

Let’s make 2021 a year of refocusing on the things that matter most. This starts with Jesus and His rescue. I can’t wait to see how this work continues!!

Pastor ChrisHebrews 11:2

Rescue Mission

154 people responded to the message of Jesus in 2020

2,231 have responded since Riverbank launched in 2010


51 people went public with their faith through baptism in 2020

661 have been baptised since 2010

First Time Guests

337 people visited Riverbank Church for the first time in 2020

Care During Covid

Your time, donations, and generosity throughout this challenging year allowed us to further serve those in need in our community in a large variety of ways.


  1. 146 families served
  2. Over $24,000 given/spent on COVID relief
  3. Over 1 ton of groceries delivered
  4. Rent assistance
  5. Utility assistance
  6. Medical & mental health assistance
  7. Emergency housing assistance and home repair
  8. Food Drive: 4,700 meals given to our community


250 people in table groups, 35 active groups

19,776 hours served during weekend worship experiences.

Growing Online Community

68,928 Total Online Views

+ 450 New YouTube Subscribers

Popular Videos: Home For ChristmasThe Right Attitude (April 2020),  Deeply Rooted (Mother’s Day 2020)


Your generosity throughout the year allows us to take the rescue mission further into our local communities and around the world through our online community and global outreach.


Total Income $1,443,184.84

Forward Offering $35,892.50

Crisis Relief Fund $24,356.00


Personnel $647,419.06

Facilities $295,461.36

Ministry $192,343.72

Operations $78,164.81

Remember This?

Most people would agree that twenty-twenty was kind of a blur! Believe it or now, below are some of the highlights from the year… how much of it do YOU remember?

The Best Is Yet To Come

In the darkest times, the light of Jesus shines brighter. As we move forward into another year choosing to Refocus our lives on Him, we are believing that God will continue to do even greater things than we can hope or imagine. 

Online Giving

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